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Students of 12 years old or more will experience the process of invention. Do you want to be one step ahead? Join our STARTUP program.

Web construction and design

HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP... in this curriculum path, our young developers will learn the most wanted programming languages that will open up their imagination and allow them to create any cool website in the future. This course will give them skills to create beautiful and smart websites. The course will dig also into other interesting parts of the internet and our groups of students will be busy working in groups in order to create a big project of their own.

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Serious robotics

Our >12 groups will work with Arduino™ to invent, assembly and program robots. They will work with LED displays, motors or wires and practice all the different programming concepts learned in previous paths of our curriculum such as loops, while loops, if & else statements in order to accomplish challenges proposed by the ICANCODE team. The idea of this episode is to give our students a total feeling of security and control when it comes to use programming concepts but also to think and debate very interesting robotics and electronics approaches.

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Let's go live!

This episode is made of several new techniques for our new programmers:
+ At the end of the 9-month groups we will also teach the fundamentals of marketing applied to websites. For instance we'll teach them how to implement correctly SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to their websites, techniques to make their websites navigation more comprehensive or smarter. All these skills will be applied on their own showcase websites built during the course.

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