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Jun 12, 2019

LEGO Education

LEGO Learning Solutions are designed to be flexible, cross-curriculum tools that ignite curiosity with exercises that relate directly back to students’ real-life questions and observations. It's developed in collaboration with university leaders and educators in the classroom — and tested by teachers!

LEGO WeDo 2.0 is packed with interesting challenges aimed to younger students, they will:
+ Learn to investigate problems and find possible solutions
+ Build collaboration and communication skills as they share their learning processes with their peers
+ Learn to see failure as a form of information gathering
+ Develop an understanding of how parts work together to create a whole

LEGO Mindstorms is full of challenges for the older and more skilled students, they will:
+ Use different reasoning approaches to evaluate evidence and develop theories
+ Create and work with data to solve problems and draw conclusions
+ Learn to identify problems and use appropriate tools to find and communicate solutions
+ Refine their use of science and engineering practices to solve problems, hone ideas, and evaluate solutions