What's the structure of our lessons?

Our lessons are 1.5 hour long, where we learn, we play, there is always Q&A... but most important fact is: it's an hour of fun!

In groups of 8 kids (max) of the same age range, our coding coach starts the day with a quick presentation over the big screen with the contents of what we are discovering today and the tools we are going to use (A new software in the laptop? Lego WEDO 2.0? ...Arduino?)
If the lesson of the day is about coding, each kid opens his/her laptop and follows the initial instructions of the Coach, if the practice of the day is robotics, kids work in couples.

The Coach goes around the table checking the work of the students, answering questions and helping... but in general our favourite approach is to see how students help each other.

Normally at the end of the lesson, we check the progress of each invention and development or we make competitions and games.

We know our system is fun and produces a huge learning impact everyday to every kid. They love our school and we enjoy seeing how they learn and have fun :)

What to expect in general?

Make a simple program, where you think step by step, get in touch with using variables. Breaking big problems into smaller solvable problems. Control and build your own robot. Get in touch with functions likes loops and detect bugs in your code. Learn the key differences between software and hardware and how they are used in daily life. Learn about how computers change, create, update or delete data. Discuss new technologies and their pro’s and con’s and how technologies affect our lives. Learn about security online and the importance of having a good password. Get in touch with basic iterative design methods. Get creative and express yourself through code, text and images. Get feedback from peers and learn how to how to improve your creations and learn new things from other peers each lesson.

All this and more is packed in three learning paths, learn and show your skills to earn your badges!

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