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What's so cool about coding?

Imagine, learn and create


What you learn at ICANCODE SCHOOL in a nutshell is to find a new and powerful way to free your imagination, to walk the trial-and-error process everyday and discover that everything is possible.

The 'two-most-important-things-in-life' rule

At ICANCODE School we think that the two most important things in life are to learn and to create. Yes that's right, we think that if you ever stop doing one of both things, you should notice how life becomes a little bit more dull.
+ TO LEARN: the world has so many cool stuff you should learn about, it can be languages, it can be cultures, it can be sports... anything you choose, but never stop learning... even when you are old!
+ TO CREATE: from a drawing you can make on a piece of paper to a new revolutionary robot... it does not matter, just keep you busy creating new stuff.