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Web construction and design

In this curriculum path our young developers will learn the most wanted web programming languages (HTML, CSS, Javascript or PHP) that will open up their imagination and allow them to create any cool website in the future. This course will give them skills to create beautiful and smart websites. We'll start understanding how to create the bones of a website with HTML5, we'll learn how to apply design (color, fonts, and some effects) using CSS and how to improve the site using the magic of javascript. On the last web episode (for the 9-month plan) of this curriculum path, our students will work with PHP to give the site a lot of cool logic to it. Finally we'll explain the surface of how databases and websites work together and other important concepts we will visit in consecutive years until they are capable of do anything they can imagine in he web environment.

This course will also count with the participation of The Very Little Agency's experts and many exercise will be designed by our web development team.

* Students choosing smaller plans than our 9-month plan won't cover some of the topics of this episode.